Thursday, November 25, 2010


Fashion street trends reveal the most popular styles of dress, art, and other popular factors that are seen on the streets.  Fashion trends often change quickly and fashion is often used to describe the latest version of these trends.  The most popular street trends that I think are the most influential this year is wearing black and white stripped fashion and ladies wearing thigh high boots.  Designers are using bold stripes and are using them in different angles.  Donna Karan designed this black and white stripped dress for her Resort 2010 collection and included many other stripped pieces.  

Designers are styling up their garments with the fashionable thigh high boots.  Thigh high boots are being worn with mini dresses, skinny leg jeans, hot pants, and maxi dresses on the runway. Emilio Pucci complimented many of his designs in his Spring 2011 collection with thigh high boots.  These designers are noticing the hot and most popular street trends and adding them into their new designs and making them appear sexy and trendy.

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