Saturday, November 13, 2010


Diana Ross in 1975 film, Mahogany
 During the 1970’s fashion picked up where the 60’s left off. It was the decade when women started wearing a mix of styles and colors, tight pants, hot pants, and jumpsuits.  Designer Marc Jacobs revamped the fashion from the 70’s and created an awesome collection for his Spring/Summer collection 2011.  His collection included shades of pink, purple, black and gold color palette to glitter-dusted platform sandals.  He used the right seventies shades of color, flared pants on jumpsuits, metallic pair of pants, and also busy prints from that era. 
The seventies has been a popular trend for many seasons with long maxi style dresses, hot pants, and extra wide leg pants.  A major theme that definitely seemed to be highlighted in Jacob’s collection was the appearance of flowers.  He also used chic waist belts used to divide two different tones on long dresses.  Jacobs also included printed coats that were mysterious and sexy. He went back to the basics showcasing fun, flirty and comfortable designs of what women enjoy wearing.  This collection displays his talent and style wonderfully.  Though retro and inspired by the seventies, Jacob designs garments that are influenced by past fashion and stylishly turns them modern.  Check out some of the designs from Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer collection 2011.


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