Monday, September 27, 2010


Many designers are inspired by previous fashions and decide to add on their own special flair and revamp old fashion into new fashion.  The extraordinary designer John Galliano loves to pull inspiration from past eras and turn the designs into his own signature masterpieces. The designer for Christian Dior drew lots of inspiration from the Victorian Era for his Spring 2010 Couture Collection.  All of the garments in this collection made a bursting statement with vibrant colors, lace, ruffles, or beading that screamed out the Victorian era.  He designed several dresses that have the Victorian bustles on skirts to increase fullness, jackets with long tales, lace silk blouses and beautiful large hats to accent the designs.
Galliano designed a soft light colored laced dress that is fitted at the waist with beautiful detailing.  He also designed several dresses in this collection that has the bustle in the back that creates a beautiful fullness effect and Victorian flair.  Galliano made a few changes from what was in the Victorian era by creating shorter lace dresses, using bold colors and stripes, and placing a bustle in front of the skirt instead of in the back.  This couture collection is gorgeous and when you see the first design it simply states out where he found his inspiration.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


What makes you decide on what to wear daily? There are six functions of dress that explains the many reasons as to why people dress and select his or her clothing to wear. Take a look at the six functions of dress. 

Environmental Protection
The environmental protection function of dress serves as practical and protective wear for individuals.  The body needs to be kept at a mean temperature to ensure blood circulation and comfort.  Individuals wear clothes with concerns such as comfort, durability, or ease of care in mind.  Here is a Russian model wearing a Russia inspired fur coat with boots. 

Decoration is a way individuals can express his or her own personal style of cultural background.  Decoration allows us to enrich our physical attractions, assert our creativity, single membership or ranking within a group or culture. In this photo are women from India with facial decoration of jewels which signifies their culture.

Gender Differentiation
Clothing that is used to differentiate and recognize gender of individuals.  The difference between separating a female from a male occur when parents dress infant girls in pink and boys in blue.  Within the 19th century, women were only allowed to wear dresses and skirts while men wore trousers.  Now men wear pink and women wear pants but designers keep certain features to allow a separation between masculinity and femininity.  In this photo are women from Saudi Arabia modeling in a fashion show.

Group Membership
People dress alike in order to belong to a specific organization or group.  Clothing can be worn to identify with whom we affiliate.  Clothing can recognize an individual’s profession, religious affiliation, social standing or lifestyle.  Here are women of the military in Japan.

Clothing used as a functional method to take part in a specific type of ceremony or special event is called the ceremonial function of dress.  An example of ceremonial is a wedding gown or a graduation cap and gown. Here is a couple in Russia modeling with wedding attire on for a wedding ceremony.

Sexual Enhancement
Clothing used to enhance one’s body to make it more attractive to others is sexual enhancement.  Women are now dressing to reveal portions of the body to appear sexy. Check out this mini kimono that caused a buzz for the Miss Japan contestant in the Miss Universe 2009 indicating it was too risque'.

All Six Functions of Dress
In this image it covers all six functions of dress. Here is a breakdown of each of them in this picture. 
1) Environmental Protection- High boots and Gown used for jacket
2) Decoration- The exclusive hat the model is wearing
3) Gender Differentiation- The feminine body suit and thigh high boots
4)Group Membership- Fashion inspired by graduation gown group membership could be a student.
5) Ceremonial- graduation gown
6) Sexual Enhancement- Sexy body suit and thigh high boots

Monday, September 20, 2010


          It's the ultimate place to be and be seen for all fashion lovers, New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week! Thousands of fashion industry professionals unite to view some of the worlds' most well-known and up-and-coming designers as they present their collections for Spring 2011. 

          One of my favorite designers, Tracy Reese, was part of the exceptional lineup. Reese's collection consisted of safari prints, sea blues, tie-dye, and shades of purple that were clean and classic. Reese stayed within her element by delivering her signature vintage-look yet also being very chic and polished. I loved this collection because Reese included some pieces that were girly and had a 70's flair. I feel she did an incredible job on this collection as it is so mellow and has an exotic feel. This collection was a soothing step up from her Spring 2010 collection pieces. I'm excited for Reese and expecting to see more fabulous dresses from her in the future! Here are a few pieces that were in the Spring 2011 Tracy Reese collection. 

          Another one of my favorite designers that made a superb return back into the New York Fashion Week is Gwen Stefani for L.A.M.B. This amazing show closed out the fashion festivities. Stefani last appearance during New York Fashion week was two years ago and this year she came strong with her classic style mixed with an African flair. Her collection was vibrant and included pieces like a tailored gray blue suit, African print dresses, and plaids. Stefani's L.A.M.B. collection included a line of handbags that matched the theme of the collection perfectly. I feel as if Stefani did an amazing job on her return and that each piece was thought out and designed to match Stefani's classic trend setting style. I simply love this brand and Stefani's unique style!  Love, Angel, Music, Baby! Here are a few designs that were apart of the L.A.M.B. Spring 2011 ready-to-wear collection.


Thursday, September 9, 2010


Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2009 Collection
          Fashion is an array of different styles, individuality, and is constantly changing.  A fashion source book captures the essence of fashion with inspirational ideas that explain the wonderful world of the fashion and art industry.  Inspiration can come from many different places and a fashion source book will allow individuals to share photographs, videos, music, and articles that help define fashion and ideas that inspire fashion lovers.  These media types will also help to explain fashion and reveal its extensive history, present, and future trends.
          The Pink Sugar Fashion Suite is a lush blog site designed to broadcast my personal inspirations and interesting information on fashion.  It will also cover related topics from the History of 20th Century Fashion Arts course at the Academy of Art University.  This fashion source book will observe the fashions of the 20th century and will also showcase new creative concepts and ideas for today's fashion.  So just relax, unwind, and become enlightened by the sweetness of fashion in the Pink Sugar Fashion Suite!
          I decided to start my blog off with the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2009 Collection which is one of my favorites. Each piece is sophisticated yet flirty and fun! Pay close attention to the gloves designed as head pieces. Simply gorgeous!