Monday, September 27, 2010


Many designers are inspired by previous fashions and decide to add on their own special flair and revamp old fashion into new fashion.  The extraordinary designer John Galliano loves to pull inspiration from past eras and turn the designs into his own signature masterpieces. The designer for Christian Dior drew lots of inspiration from the Victorian Era for his Spring 2010 Couture Collection.  All of the garments in this collection made a bursting statement with vibrant colors, lace, ruffles, or beading that screamed out the Victorian era.  He designed several dresses that have the Victorian bustles on skirts to increase fullness, jackets with long tales, lace silk blouses and beautiful large hats to accent the designs.
Galliano designed a soft light colored laced dress that is fitted at the waist with beautiful detailing.  He also designed several dresses in this collection that has the bustle in the back that creates a beautiful fullness effect and Victorian flair.  Galliano made a few changes from what was in the Victorian era by creating shorter lace dresses, using bold colors and stripes, and placing a bustle in front of the skirt instead of in the back.  This couture collection is gorgeous and when you see the first design it simply states out where he found his inspiration.

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