Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Distinction Magazine Cover- Summer 1953

During the fabulous fifties American citizens started to live again and so did fashion! The 1950’s brought on a huge variety of original and exceptional styles that had a feminine and fun twist.  Some of the most admired trends from the 1950’s include fitted blouses, knee length skirts, wide shoulders, and slimmer waists. A new young designer by the name of Lena Hoscheck from Australia did an awesome job with bringing back fashion from the 1950’s in her Spring/Summer 2011 collection at Berlin Fashion Week.  

Her fashion is this collection consisted of floral prints, poofy knee length skirts paired with flirty tops, pencil skirts, and A-line skirts.  Hoscheck was able to mimic the fashion from the 1950’s effortlessly as all the pieces within this collection relate to the 1950’s and have something related to the fabulous 50’s.  To complete the look of the inspired collection, the models wore ruby red lipstick, black eyeliner makeup, and cute eye wear that complete the overall look of the 50’s.  Here are a few of the designs that were shown during the recent fashion show for Lena Hoscheck.  This collection is simply amazing, fun, and chic! 

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